How We Make Our Liquid Malt & Cereal Extracts

Malt Extract Process

1. Milling & Grist Preparation

The grains are screened and conveyed to batch silos. As per the grist bill (“recipe”), the grain batch is prepared and ground under a hammer mill, ensuring the right fine/ course ratio is achieved. The milled/ ground grain (“grist”) is collected in the grist bin.

2. Mashing

The grist is mixed with hot water (“mashing liquor”) in the Mash Vessels (MVs), and the mash temperature is raised gradually. The grain enzymes begin to convert the starches into sugars, and the mashing stage is completed when full saccharification is achieved.

3. Filtration

The mash is then pumped into the Filter Press, where it is filtered through mechanical pressure and sparging to produce high gravity and low gravity “wort.” High gravity wort is collected in wort tanks and the low gravity wort is used in the next mashing batch.

4. Concentration

The high gravity wort generally contains 18-20% solids and is concentrated further through evaporation to increase the solids to approximately 80%, resulting in the characteristic viscous, amber brown liquid.

5. Storage & Dispatch

The malt extract is then pasteurized, cooled and stored. It is then prepared for dispatch and pumped into large tankers or drums, as per client requirements.

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