We malt with carefully selected 2 row and 6 row barley, and also with other grains, such as wheat and rye, as per client requirements. Our extensive selection of malts enables brewers and distillers to create a wide range of products for consumers.

In addition, our malts can also be used directly, or in the form of liquid malt extract or dry malt extract powder , for consumer products in the confectionery, pharmaceutical and malted foods sectors.

Our malts are a culmination of sourcing good grain, monitoring process parameters closely and maintaining stringent quality controls and hygiene throughout the malting process, to ensure we deliver only the finest quality of malts to our clients. To learn more about our malting process, click here.

For specific malt specifications/ requirements or for customised product development/ trials, please contact our team here.

This versatile malt is mostly widely used as a base malt in a majority of pale / golden yellow beers and malt extracts.


Wort colour 5.0 – 7.0 EBC
Extract dry basis 80.0% min.

This sweet and malty malt is made with the goodness of two-row spring barley. Loaded with good protein degradation, delicate maltiness and texture, Pilsner malt is enriched with enzymes and a high extract value.


Wort colour 3.5 – 4.5 EBC
Extract dry basis 80.5% min.

Made from 100% malted barley, coffee malt’s unique production method helps preserve the richness of flavour. Coffee malt lends extraordinary flavour and texture to your brews – of both coffee and malt.


Wort colour 500 – 700 EBC
Extract dry basis 65% min.

This deep coloured malt adds a strong caramel flavour to your products, giving them a complex aroma, fuller body and delighful texture.


Wort colour 300 – 400 EBC
Extract dry basis 75.0% min.

With indirect heating with peat, a rich and smokey flavour is infused in peated malts. Peated malt brings the characteristic strong smokey and phenolic flavours in your favorite peated single malts.


Wort colour 3.0 – 8.0 EBC
Extract dry basis 77.0% min.

Crystal malt provides a unique sweet roast flavour in products; its ruby red hues are common in British ales.


Wort colour 100 – 500 EBC
Extract dry basis 65% min.

One of the most versatile toasted malts for brewing, Amber Malt helps in adding colour, a biscuit-like nutty taste and also a dry, mild coffee flavour to brewed beverages.


Wort colour 40 – 65 EBC
Extract dry basis 70% min.

Imparting a distinct characteristic and deep dark colurs to your products, roasted malt enhances the tastes of your beers, coffees and caramels.


Wort colour 100 – 1400 EBC
Extract dry basis 65.0% min.

Made from 100% wheat, wheat malt is a popular ingredient in wheat beers. Its high protein content and enchanced mouth feel give it various applications in the bakery and confectionary industries also.


Wort colour 3.5 – 6.0 EBC
Extract dry basis 82% min.

Roasted wheat malt has a nutty, biscuity and mellow bitter flavour that is softer than roasted barley malt. Like wheat malt it has various applications, including being a snack for our maltsters.


Wort colour 100 – 1200 EBC
Extract dry basis 65% min.
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